Castle Dread Promises Screams and Donations to Charity

Tallahassee, FL - A haunted house will open its doors tonight after the sun goes down and your trip to the crypt could actually do some good.

Castle Dread opens its doors at the Tallahassee Mall tonight. There are dozens of rooms filled with mummies, ghouls and monsters.

Debbie Tanner, who calls herself the"queen of halloween" opened her first haunted house more than 20 years ago.

She now has five u-haul trucks full of frights waiting to scare the dickens out of you.

"I'm impressed with our chapel, but we have 38 chambers of fear. I'm sure there's something to scare everyone," Tanner said.

A portion of the $10 ticket price will be donated to charity.

Tanner says Castle Dread will donate money to three charities, including the Police Unity Tour which helps famililes of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.

Castle Dread opens its doors at 7:30 tonight.

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