'Shocking' Cattle Prod Robbery in Tallahassee [SLIDE SHOW]

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January 9, 2013 by Julie Montanaro

A Tallahassee man is accused of trying to rob a convenience store ... with a cattle prod.

The clerk says he zapped her repeatedly, but she got the last word when she pulled out a gun.

It happened at the Food Mart near Chaires Cross Roads on January 2nd.

According to arrest papers, the clerk says a robber wearing camoflauge threatened her with a cattle prod and when she didn't hand over the money, he jumped the counter and started to shock her with it.

"It's usually a gun, I've heard of knives, but a cow poke? That's strange," customer Charles Smith said.

"That's a new one," said customer Randall Sessions.

"You said with a cattle prod?" Joe Godfrey said shaking his head.

"It'll make 'em bellow," Robert Jones said.

Jones raises cattle nearby. He doesn't even like to use the prod on a 2000 pound cow.

"You don't use it often. Only if you have to. Cows get kind of shook up when you start using it and it does hurt," Jones said.

"And when you hear that somebody used this on a person?"

"I would think that hurt pretty bad," Jones said.

Arrest papers say the clerk was shocked twice in the leg. She backed up, and while the robber struggled to open the register, she grabbed a gun. The robber jumped back over the counter and out the door.

His run from the law ended Tuesday. 26 year old Lance Tomberlin was arrested and charged with robbery, aggravated battery and more.

"Pretty nice that the lady or guy or whoever the clerk was had a weapon to defend themselves," customer Joe Godfrey said.

"I guess that's kind of good that law abiding citixens that's the good thing about them having a gun. You know, he's just lucky he wasn't shot," customer Randall Sessions said.

We have reached out to the clerk, but have not yet heard back from her.

LanceTomberlin remains jailed. Arrest papers say a friend of his told deputies the two of them had been driving around doing drugs all day the day of the robbery.

Leon County Sheriff's Office Release

At 9:06 p.m. on January 2, 2013, a white male entered the Food Mart located at 9512 Apalachee Parkway.

The man produced a cattle prod and demanded money from the clerk. The man then shocked the clerk with the cattle prod several times before the clerk produced a handgun and challenged the suspect. The suspect then attempted to flee the store but was met by another Food Mart employee who attempted to restrain him.

The suspect tried to strike the employee with the cattle prod and was able to flee the scene in a dark colored Dodge truck, but not before having one of the truck’s tires deflated by a third person on the scene.

Responding deputies stopped the Dodge truck, but the suspect fled the scene on foot and could not be located. Deputies and detectives established Lance M. Tomberlin as a suspect in this case. Tomberlin was subsequently positively identified as the person responsible for this robbery.

On 8 January, 2013, Tomberlin was interviewed at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and taken to the Leon County Jail.

Tallahassee, FL January 9, 2013 by Julie Montanaro

A Tallahassee man is accused of robbing a convenience store clerk with a cattle prod.

25 year old Lance Tomberlin is under arrest for robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

Deputies say Tomberlin zapped the clerk with the cattle prod several times.

Deputies say as Tomberlin struggled to open the cash register, however, the clerk retrieved a gun and pointed it at Tomberlin. He jumped the counter and ran.

The incident happened January 2nd at about 9pm. Deputies caught up with Tomberlin yesterday.

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