Celebrities Including Evander Holyfield Help Cut Ribbon at Boys & Girls Club

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By: Eames Yates
March 16, 2013

Cairo, GA- Former Heavyweight Champion of the World Evander Holyfield: "The big thing is not to quit because you know when you quit it's over but if you don't quit you'll eventually get there. And I think that's what, you know, Jackie Robinson represented."

An Olympic gold medalist, former NFL players, a congressman and hundreds of locals came out to officially name the Jackie Robinson Boys and Girls Club of Cairo-Grady County on Saturday. Robinson was born in Cairo close to a hundred years ago.

Sharon Robinson is Jackie Robinson's daughter. She said "it is a true tribute to my father and one that he would have loved. He didn't particularly like placks and awards but to have a boys and girls club named after him and to serve children in the community that's exactly how he would have wanted his legacy."

The day's event was emceed by our own Shonda Knight. The ribbon cutting celebrated the adversity that Jackie Robinson overcame.

Congressman Sanford Bishop of Georgia said "he broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball which was a forerunner of the civil rights movement. And of course from there we've made constant progress."

Those that attended the ceremony stressed an emphasis on helping younger generations.

Roosevelt Jackson is the oldest living member of the Negro League. Said Jackson: "Tell them to try and reach for knowledge. Ain't no end to what they can do with knowledge. And just keep going as high as they can go."

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