Tallahassee Prepares For Annual Springtime Tallahassee Festival

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Updated By: Winnie Wright
Updated: March 28, 2014, 10:30PM

Thousands will hit the streets of Downtown Tallahassee tomorrow for Springtime Tallahassee Parade and Festival.

More than 100 floats are expected to participate in tomorrow's parade-which starts at 10:30 and runs down Monroe Street downtown. A lot of people have been asking what happens if it rains. Representatives from the parade say the show will go on rain or shine, and good news for us, they've got pretty good luck. Springtime Tallahassee has never been rained out in years past. As long as there's no lightning, you can expect a wonderful parade Saturday.

"We will take a look tomorrow morning, but as of right now, the parade is definitely on. We encourage everyone to come out because they'll have a great time. And we might just get lucky like we have in previous years", says Organizer, Parker Trammell.

If you have questions about the parade in the morning, you can call 511or visit 511.com on the web. They have tools to help you figure out where it's congested, that way you can plan appropriately and still get downtown without any problems.

Updated By: A.J. Hilton
Updated: March 28, 2014, 4pm

Thousands of people are getting ready for tomorrow's Springtime Tallahassee Festival, and rain or shine, crews are going to make sure it's ready for us!

Crews have put the final touches on over 100 floats to be seen in tomorrow's parade at the Float Barn in downtown Tallahassee.

Here are some things to keep in mind for tomorrow’s festival:

  • The parade starts at 10:30am and will run down Monroe Street, past the Old Historical Capitol.

  • Check out 511. You can call (511) or visit 511.com on the web. It will help you figure out where traffic is congested and any crashes that may have occurred. You can also download the free Florida 511 smartphone app for Android and iPhones, and you can follow them on Twitter using the handle @FL511.

  • WCTV will keep tabs on the weather.

If weather conditions aren’t safe tomorrow morning, organizers will work with law enforcement to make a decision about the parade. If there is a weather delay, participants will be notified on site.

News Release: Florida Department of Transportation

TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) encourages travelers heading to the 46th Annual Springtime Tallahassee this Saturday to use the 511 Traveler Information System before hitting the road. 511 allows travelers to stay up-to-date on crashes, congestion, construction and more on all of Florida’s interstates, including I-10, toll roads and other major metropolitan roadways.

More than 200,000 people are expected to attend the festivities downtown throughout the day. Drivers should be prepared for increased congestion on I-10 near the Monroe Street, Thomasville Highway and Mahan Drive (US-90 East) interchanges.

There are four convenient ways for motorists to receive traffic updates:

  • Call 511 toll free for updates in English and Spanish.

  • Visit FL511.com for interactive roadway maps showing traffic congestion and crashes, travel times and traffic camera views.

  • Download the free Florida 511 mobile app available on Google Play and iTunes.

  • Follow one of the 12 statewide, regional or roadway-specific feeds on Twitter, including @FL511_Panhandl and @FL511_I10.

FDOT reminds all travelers to check 511 before hitting the road, have a passenger check 511 while driving or pull over to avoid distracted driving.

Safety Tips

  • Check 511 before hitting the road, have a passenger check 511 while driving or pull over to avoid distracted driving.

  • Customize your trip at FL511.com before leaving to minimize time spent on the phone.

  • Always wear a safety belt.

  • Don’t drink and drive.

Florida 511 Features

  • Traffic information on all interstate highways, toll roads and many other metropolitan roadways.

  • Commuter travel times and reports on crashes, congestion and construction.

  • Public transit, airport and seaport information.

  • AMBER, Silver and LEO Alerts (America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response (AMBER) Alerts notify the public of the most serious child-abduction cases. Silver Alerts notify the public when law enforcement agencies are searching for missing adults or citizens with cognitive impairments, including Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Alerts notify the public when law enforcement officers are searching for an offender(s) who has seriously injured or killed a law enforcement officer.)

  • FL511.com provides travel information, traffic camera views and free personalized services, including customized travel routes and email, text and phone call alerts.

  • Voice-activated and touch-tone navigation available when calling 511.

  • The 511 phone call and FL511.com website are available in English and Spanish.

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