Spill Drill Tests Emergency Responders

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By: Bailey Myers
Tallahassee: More than 50 emergency responders swarmed Canopy Oaks Elementary School to clear the scene of a chemical spill. A mock chemical spill that is, which is all a part of a drill to prepare local emergency responders for real world experiences.

Students were sprayed down, stripped and isolated as if they had been in contact with a contaminated substance. Although this was just a drill, every responder acted as though it were real.

The Tallahassee Fire Department Spokesman, Mike Bellamy explained, "So our goal for today was for each agency to come and bring their objectives out and sort of run through those efficiently coordinate with each other."

With more than eleven local emergency agencies working together-- communication is key.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office Spokesman said "It doesn't matter what color uniform you are wearing or what discipline you are with, you come together and do what you do best to make sure the people you serve are taken care of."

Working together to make sure each person does their part to help in the situation. Even the four robots participating in the search for suspicious substances in a car did their part.

One local boy scout who participated in the drill says he was impressed by all of the emergency responders reactions.

Drill participant, James Dimarco, said "So they know exactly what they are doing, so I can have full trust in them when they come to help me if I were ever in a situation like this."

The drill was funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation Hazmat Emergency Preparedness Grant. The grant was for $20,000 and we are told it was worth every penny to make sure everyone is safe in case a situation arises.

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