Chick-fil-A in Georgia Gives Away Free Food for One Year

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Chik Fil A Release

More than 225 people have arrived more than 24 hours in advance at the new Chick-fil-A in Cordele hoping to win free Chick-fil-A for a year
when the doors open Thursday at 6 a.m. The new restaurant, at 1711 E. 16th Ave., brings with it 75 new jobs.

Since there are more than 100 in line, we are currently holding a
raffle to determine those who will stay with us the next 24 hours,
enjoying entertainment and plenty of Chick-fil-A. For more details on
the raffle, visit

Chik Fil A Release

CORDELE, Ga. (Jan. 10, 2013) – Forty-five years after the first Chick-fil-A® restaurant opened in an Atlanta mall, pioneering mall food courts and introducing its signature boneless-breast-of-chicken sandwich, the chain will celebrate its first opening of the year in Cordele on Jan. 10 when a free year’s supply of Chick-fil-A will be given away to the first 100 adults in line grand opening morning at the city’s first Chick-fil-A location.

Chick-fil-A’s “First 100 Celebration” quickly became a hallmark of each grand opening when the chain first held the event in Arizona in 2003. More than 18 hours before the restaurant opened, the first person arrived and asked where to get in line. Since then, the chain has given away more than $18.1 million in free food at more than 680 grand openings. The parking lot parties attract Chick-fil-A’s loyal customers who come from around the block and across the country equipped with couches, TVs, computers, tents and other gear. Even extreme weather conditions do not dampen the enthusiasm of the participants who often arrive more than 24 hours in advance.

The latest Chick-fil-A First 100 celebration will occur at 1711 E. 16th Ave. in Cordele where the chain will award a one-year supply of free Chick-fil-A® Meals (52 coupons ) to each of the first 100 adults in line, ages 18 and older with identification – a total of more than $26,000 in free food.

The line officially opens at 6 a.m., Wednesday, Jan. 9, with the free meal cards being awarded Thursday, Jan. 10, about 6 a.m. The restaurant will open for business immediately thereafter. If there are more than 100 people by 6 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 9, all 100 spots will be determined by a raffle held that morning with those selected still having to camp out the 24 hours to secure their spot. See for complete rules.

Cordele’s new Chick-fil-A restaurant brings with it more than 75 new jobs and features the chain’s latest interior and kitchen design along with dual drive-thru ordering lanes to expand its award-winning drive-thru service. Two drive-thru lanes with separate menu boards will welcome motorists who will place their orders at the separate screens and then merge into a single lane to pay for and pick up their food. With a majority of customers at Chick-fil-A stand-alone restaurants choosing drive-thru, the ability for two drivers to simultaneously order should mean quicker service.

Despite the challenging economy, Chick-fil-A continued to grow in 2012 with expectations of reporting its 45th consecutive year of sales growth since the company began in 1967.

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