Child Killed in Car Crash

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By: Elizabeth NIckerson

April 15, 2013

Quincy, FL--"Pink was her favorite color," said Principal Allysun Davis, from St. John's Elementary School.

Balloons floating in the air sent a powerful message of love.
Cards written by school friends of nine-year-old Makayla Woodward, whose life was cut short by a car accident, killing her and leaving her two relatives in critical condition.

"Spirited young lady, and it's touching the staff, the students and the community as a whole," said Davis.

The Florida Highway Patrol says 20-year-old Quineasia Williams was driving north on State Road 267, five miles north of Quincy when she crossed the center line t-boning into 19-year-old Katherine King's truck.Troopers say Williams, Makayla, and one-year-old Chloe Akins were not wearing seatbelts and were thrown from the car.

"It's very hard when you lose a child, and she is part of our Gadsden school family, so I think what we are doing here today in releasing balloons will release the spirit of Makayla to the Lord and by doing that, I think the kids will understand what we're doing," said Reginald James, Superintendent Gadsden County Schools.

Makayla's father and sister were at the balloon release. Grief counselors were on campus helping kids cope with the loss.

"Unite together, they express how they love each other and how much they love the student," said said Deamaris Fonticoba, a Grief Counselor. "They were telling the parents how much they were sorry for their loss."

The third graders' death prompted The St. John's Elementary School to postpone the first day of FCAT testing.

FHP says Williams will be facing a minimum charge of violation of child restraint laws, since neither child was wearing a seat belt. Other charges are pending.


QUINCY, Fla - Three people are fighting for their lives after a crash that claimed the life of a nine-year-old girl. The head on collision happened around 5:45 p.m. Sunday evening in Gadsden County, Florida.

Highway Patrol troopers say 20-year-old Quineasia Williams was driving north on S.R. 267, five miles north of Quincy. Troopers say, for unknown reasons, Williams crossed the center line crashing into 19-year-old Katherine King's truck. King attempted to avoid the collision, but was unable to do so.

Williams' passenger, nine-year-old Makayla Woodward was killed in the crash. William's, Makayla, and one-year-old Chloe Akins were not wearing seat belts and were thrown from their vehicle. Williams' and Akins are listed in critical condition. King is listed in serious condition.

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