Child Molester Gets Life Sentence

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Decatur, GA - Billy Jim Carver was sentenced to life to be served in the state penal system by Chief Judge A. Wallace Cato.

The jury trial on Carver was tried by District Attorney Joseph K. Mulholland, November 13, 2012.

Carver was convicted of one count of felony Aggravated Child Molestation, two counts of felony Child Molestation, and one count of felony Exhibiting Pornography to Minors by an impaneled jury.

Joe Mulholland commended the diligent work from the Decatur County Sheriff's Office on this case.

Mulholland also applauded the attentive jurors impaneled for the three day trial.

"We had a very good jury pool,. Our office with the help of the Decatur County Sheriff's Office was able to secure convictions on this case" stated Mulholland. "Because of their diligent work, a child predator will never again harm our children."

Should you have any further concerns or comments, please contact Mr. Joseph Mulholland at 229-246-1823 or 229-221-4076.

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