Kids Take Over the Capitol [SLIDE SHOW]

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By: Matt Galka
April 9, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Children's Week is more than just child's play at the Capitol. Education has been a big part of the proposed budgets
by the Governor, House, and Senate.

The 18th annual Children' Week is an opportunity to put education in the forefront for policy makers.

"Building a foundation for the teacher's regarding their salaries is the right investment to make. One, I think we are recognizing the performance of our teachers and we are making an investment in those people who have the greatest impact between 8 and 3 in the lives of children," said Tony Bennett, Florida's Education Commissioner.

Bennet believes that proposed across the board teacher pay raises are the right move for the state.

Leon County Schools superintendent Jackie Pons thinks it's a good start, but says there can always be more done to help students and teachers.

"Well, I support the teacher's pay raise, but I think the most important issue is to recognize that in the last five years in our district we've lost 110 million dollars. It's not about one year, it's about making sure that we provide pay raises and that we fund education every year," said Pons.

Children's week events include a legislator reading corner and a teens only town hall meeting. The meeting gave students panelists the chance to ask a lawmakers questions about their education policies.

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