Christian Conservatives and the Road to the White House

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TALLAHASSEE 9/25/2012 -- Renee Olsen and Khadija Morgan are among the nearly three million Florida voters who identify themselves as Christian Conservatives.

There's no question they'll be voting for Mitt Romney, but it may take a lot of convincing to get their fellow church-goers fired up, too.

"Laws come from someone's morality, and why shouldn't it come from the truth that is in God's word, in the Holy Bible?" said Olson.

That melding of religion and politics is what's driving a multi-million dollar effort to target Florida's Christian conservatives and get them to turn out at the polls.

The blueprint for victory is a tried and proven one - in 2004 Christian conservatives turned out in massive numbers.

But, they key now, as it was then, is in sparking enthusiasm, and the strategy this go-around is employing a cutting-edge approach.

A new group called the 'Faith and Freedom Coalition' is combing through all kinds of records to find the ideal Christian conservative voter.

If you have a hunting or fishing license, if you're married with kids and attend church, even if you've picked up a copy of Sarah Palin's autobiography, 'Going Rogue', they'll know about it and they'll be in touch.

Organizer Pam Olsen is working with the Faith and Freedom Coalition to help give the GOP ticket a big boost.

"The platform from the Republican Party is the strongest conservative platform in years, and that does matter, and when Christians hear that it does make a difference," said Olsen.

A difference Kadija thinks could even make a difference in winning over African-American church-goers - a key part of President Obama's coalition.

"It's more of some weird camaraderie thing going on, but it should be, 'this is what God said first, and this is how I'm going to vote," said Morgan.

A spiritual judgment that could play a big hand in the judgment that'll be passed at the ballot box in November.

Some Christian conservative political organizers say one of their biggest challenges is overcoming reservations voters have about Mitt Romney's religion, Mormonism.

But, they say it's easily overcome when those voters are told about romney's stances on the social issues that are most important to right-leaning Christians.

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