Christmas May Be Over, But Holiday Travel Is Still Busy

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Tallahassee, FL- The Standring family is making the trek all the way from Indiana to Florida to celebrate the holidays.

"It's definitely windy, you're getting blown all around on the interstate and you can tell some people are getting anxious too, but we'll get there, takinG our time," said Sam Standring.

He says the wet weather has set them back a bit.

"There's been quite a bit of traffic," he said. "We left last night to get out of a storm out of South Indiana; the winter storm going through there. Wasn't too bad, but it was the rain that slowed everything down."

Windy weather has also made things a tad more difficult for Marna Rasmussen who's attempting to get a couch back home to Orlando in one piece.

"I had a brother who wrapped it up like a Christmas present, made sure the rain wasn't going to destroy it," Rasmussen said. "I just need to secure it down because the winds are pretty high."

Some furry travel companions were also hitting the roads.

"Ah you know, it's a little crazy, especially with the dog," said Sharon Saad. "We've got two teenagers and two third graders so we get to spend a little bit of quality family time together, which we don't always get."

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