Church Celebrates MLK's Birthday

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Tallahassee, FL-January 21, 2013

The words Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke more than four decades ago in front of the Washington Monument during his 'I have a Dream Speech" have inspired many.

"He was able to take the voices, hear the voices of the people who were suffering under oppression and turn those voices, that sound, that feeling into a movement that changed the world," said Tallahassee City Commissioner Nancy Miller.

Miller was one of many who spoke during Bethel AME's 43rd annual celebration of King's birthday.

Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor was the keynote speaker.

He drew parallels between the adversities and triumphs King faced with those of President Barack Obama.

"President Obama is staging a one man sit-in every time every time he walks into the Oval Office and acts as the chief commanding officer and sits down at his desk,"said Proctor.

But for others, the key to helping King's legacy surviving lies with the younger generation.

"I think his legacy is remembering Dr. King right. To teach our young men the true Christian ways," said Werner Randolph, a Nims football booster.

King's birthday is January 15. He would have turned 84 years old this year.

Martin Luther King Junior Day is celebrated on the third Monday in January.

It's been a Federal Holiday since 1986 and the only considered a national day of service.

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