Church Shows Their Support For Local Girl After Accident

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By: Bailey Myers
August 17th 2013

Tallahassee FL- Its been 127 days since her car accident and now a community is showing Chelse Lovelady and her family support.

Epiphany Lutheran Church in Tallahassee held a special service for the 20 year old.
In March Chelsea, suffered severe brain trauma during a car accident.

Doctors gave Chelsea little chance of surviving after slipping into a coma, but months later she woke up and began to recover.

Now Chelsea is on her way home but the family needs to prepare before she get there.

Chris Lovelady, "Well the next step in her recovery process is to come home to where she grew up and to begin a sense of normalcy."

The goal today was to raise enough money to help the family pay for things to help them make their house ready for Chelsea.

Her and her mother have been away from home since the accident in March, and everyone in the family looks forward to welcoming them home in September.

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