Church Walks Six Miles To Celebrate New Church

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By: Emily Johnson
May 18, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - If you were driving down Thomasville Road this afternoon you probably saw hundred of folks walking along the sidewalk.

The St. Peter's Anglican Church was celebrating the opening of their newly built church by walking in a six mile procession from their old church to the new home on north Thomasville Road. The church is designed and built in the classic English tradition.

"For God's people to worship him for hundreds and hundreds of years, so we're walking these 6.2 up Thomasville Road to our new home just as a sign to the community that about God's faithfulness," said Rev. Andrew Rowell, St.Peter's Anglican Church Associate Rector

St. Peter's started in 2005 with 700 members and how has grown to 1600 parishioners. The first service in the new church will be held next Sunday.

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