Churches Respond To Community Gun Violence

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By: Kevin Clark
July 20, 2014 11pm

Tallahassee, FL - Ten days after TPD released its five-point plan to curb gun violence, local churches are taking action of their own.

13 members of the Ministers' Coalition gathered at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, saying the community is in a state of "spiritual warfare."

They announced the church will have a response of its own to stop gun violence and gang activity.

The ministers say they will support the recommendations from TPD Chief Michael DeLeo's Community Leadership Council on gun violence.

The ministers' full plan will be released soon, they said. Here are the action points for the Church's response to gangs and gun violence:

1. Conduct prayer vigils in high crime areas to demonstrate strong community support for the reduction of gun violence, gang activities, and illegal drug sales

2. Encourage the faith-based community to support the recommendations from the police chief's Community Advisory Task Force.

3. Develop innovative crime prevention, education, and mentoring programs for at-risk youth.

4. Encourage citizens to respect police officers and follow their directions when ordered to stop, move, etc.

5. Conduct a Community-wide anti-crime worship service at Cascades Park on Sunday, August 17, 2014 at 6pm.

6. Encourage citizens to report crime and drug activities in the areas to police officers.

7. Demolish vacant and blighted buildings in neighborhoods to reduce criminal activities.

8. Support the increase the funding for mental health services.

Ministers say they hope to work with TPD and the City, and want to be part of the on-going dialogue on city gun violence.

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