Valdosta Churches Ring Bells to Honor Newtown Victims

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Valdosta, Ga. - December 21, 2012 -Church bells filled the streets of downtown Valdosta on Friday morning. They were meant to shine a light on the lives lost exactly one week ago in Newtown, Connecticut.

First Methodist Pastor Bob Moon said "Bells have always rung in church steeples across centuries now. Marking important events. Marking things that people everywhere need to hear."

At least five churches in Valdosta, including First Methodist, made their voice heard through the bells.

They rang their bell twenty eight times. Twenty six times for the victims at Sandy Hook Elementary. Once for the shooter Adam Lanza and the last ring was for his mother.

Lynn Tessin is a retired teacher. She said "I think the fact that it could be any small town, any large town, made it all come home. I was constantly amazed at all the love and support that have gone out to the families, not surprised."

Diane Shedd is the Associate Pastor at First Methodist. She said "It's important because lives were lost and souls were received into heaven that day."

The churches in Valdosta were among thousands across the country that rang their bells in honor of the lives lost.

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