Citizen Complaints Lead to Multiple Arrests

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By: Alicia Turner
June 27, 2014

According to the Leon County Sheriff’s Office 27 arrests is what’s left of that ten month investigation. The investigation started after citizen called to complain of heavy traffic and loud music.

The incident took place on the two thousand block of Hillsborough St.

The charges of the 27 people include possession of firearms, possession of drugs, outstanding warrants, and traffic offenses. The first arrest in the case was made in December of 2013.

Sgt. Bobby Green of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office said if you see something odd, it’s probably out of place.

"Don't think that your complaints go on deaf ears. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer to develop a case, and in our situation we can't just go in and arrest someone without having some type of probable cause. We have to build a case sometimes it takes a little time but, just continue to call in and complain and let us know there is activity,” said Green.

According to the Leon County Sheriff's office there are still three outstanding warrants for suspects related to the case. LCSO the complaints involving suspicion of illegal drug sales is what prompted the investigation.

Joint News Release: LCSO / TPD
June 27, 2014

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Several months ago, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and the Tallahassee Police Department began receiving a high volume of citizen complaints reporting illegal drug sales in and around the 2000 block of Hillsborough Street in Tallahassee. Through a collaborative effort, LCSO and TPD began targeting persons suspected of selling narcotics along with any other criminal activity in the area.

Both agencies conducted multiple undercover drug operations and heightened patrols in the area by making contact with persons suspected of criminal activity in addition to responding to ongoing citizen complaints.

During the course of this operation, a search warrant was served at 2047 Hillsborough Street. Law enforcement officers seized 62 grams of powdered cocaine, 22 grams of MDMA, 195 grams of Cannabis, and three handguns.

TPD and LCSO seized 6 handguns, 1 gram of Methamphetamine, 23 grams of MDMA, 120 grams of cocaine and 890 grams of Cannabis, totaling an estimated street value of $12,500.00. Together the agencies arrested 27 individuals on a multitude of charges ranging from traffic offenses to outstanding warrants to drug sales and weapons charges.

Sheriff Larry Campbell said, “By working together we can solve the crime issues that develop in our community. This is a great example of the citizens alerting law enforcement to criminal activity and then local law enforcement working together to make our community a safer place.”

Chief Michael J. DeLeo said, “I would like to personally thank the citizens who assisted TPD and LCSO with this case. Without their help, these dangerous drugs and weapons would still be on
the streets and posing a danger to our residents, especially our children.”

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