Tallahassee City Commission Outlines 2013 Goals at Retreat

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Tallahassee's city commission sat down to go over what they want to see done in the capitol city in 2013.

"Cascades park should be open, Lafayette should be finished, the sense of place at Palmer Avenues should be completed. Gaines street should be completed," said commissioner Nancy Miller.

Tallahassee residents have heard some of those plans before. Gaines street was expected to be completed in 2012. Miller says that the infrastructure projects as well as plans on streamlining Star Metro transportation and improving the airport boil down to one thing.

"It just takes time," Miller said. "We need to continue getting good plans, tweaking the plans as you go forward, and continuing forward progress."

The presidents for Tallahassee's three universities were also in attendance to talk about how the schools and the city could mutually benefit each other.

"We'll feed off each other," said Florida State University president Eric Barron. "Both in terms of the city helping with infrastructure and supporting different projects, and universities as an economic engine, or as an environment that promotes the sense of community and college town feel."

Barron suggested that the city utilize the school's ability to educate people in the fields of potential businesses that the city might consider bringing to Tallahassee.

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