City Commissioners React To DUI Arrest Tape And Downtown Development Controversy

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City Commissioner Andrew Gillum jump started the conversation on everyone's mind at Wednesday's commission meeting.

He, along with other commissioners, responded to the Tallahassee police DUI arrest tape, which some of them describe as disturbing.

"The city commission doesn't have management over the police department or the police chief. We have management over the city manager and so this is one of the few forums where we have an opportunity to speak, to speak publicly," Gillum said.

One-by-one commissioners spoke about their concern over the video.

City Manager Anita Favors-Thompson said an internal investigation is underway and they are working on getting out a report as soon as possible.

"I think we are all hurt and heartbroken by what we've seen, we know that there are many sides to a story," Gillum said.

"It made me sick to my stomach the first time I saw it, but you know that's one angle. I'm looking forward to getting the full investigation back," said Commissioner Scott Maddox.

We also talked to commissioners about a new construction project at Tennessee and Monroe streets causing controversy. Owners of the A Loft hotel want to build a Hampton Inn in an empty lot owned by the city. But, developers with the Gateway Project, across the street, say the space is supposed to be used for retail.

"I have not yet completely made up my mind on the situation, I think any good new development in downtown is a good thing," Gillum said.

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