Project To Improve Water Quality at Lake Lafayette

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Press Release: City of Tallahassee

The City of Tallahassee has begun construction on a major project to treat stormwater that flows into Upper Lake Lafayette. The $5.6 million Upper Lake Lafayette Nutrient Reduction Project is part of a larger City commitment to reduce stormwater pollution. The project includes structural and process improvements that will greatly enhance the capacity of the existing Weems Stormwater Facility to remove pollutants.

“This project represents an important investment in protecting our water,” said Commissioner Nancy Miller, who is the lead commissioner on the City's Long Range Planning Target Issue Committee. “Improving the quality of stormwater entering Lake Lafayette is a key part of preserving the health of the lake. This is another example of how the City puts our stormwater fees to work to improve the quality of our water here in Tallahassee.”

The project is located off Weems Road and may be seen on the east side of Capital Circle Northeast just south of Mahan Drive. Over the next six to eight months, some minimal delays may be experienced by traffic traveling on Weems Road and near Eliza Road and Powell Road due to trucks or heavy equipment entering and exiting the site.

For more information, questions or further explanation of the project and its benefits, please contact Catherine Bray with the City of Tallahassee Underground Utilities Department, Stormwater Management, at 891-6860.

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