City Of Tallahassee Looks For Public Input

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The City of Tallahassee is hosting community budget workshops for citizens to take part in and voice their opinions.

For the fourth year, citizens have the chance to participate in an interactive polling process that instantly displays the groups results to questions. The questions ask things like "Do you feel safe in your neighborhood?" and if you would like to see more investment in pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Officials say these are for the city to gauge the problem areas that citizens are concerned with, and can then budget accordingly.

"This is the first of three opportunities for our citizens to actually come and not only express their wishes, what's important to them, but also to meet the staff people that provide services all over the city and just about every department is represented here," said Tallahassee commissioner Nancy Miller.

The next meetings are Wednesday, April 2, at the Walker-Ford Community Center at 6 p.m. and Monday, April 7, at the Tallahassee Senior Center at 3:30 p.m.

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