City Votes to Double Energy Efficient Appliance Rebates

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Mike Munroe remembers when the city of Tallahassee first implemented their double rebate program for energy efficient appliance buyers in 2010.

"Definitely was an increase in our sales, definitely had a positive impact on our energy star appliances," said Munroe, sales manager for Mays-Munroe appliances in Tallahassee.

The Tallahassee city commission voted to bring the program back for a short period of time at their meeting Wednesday night.

The hope is that the program will have the same impact it did 3 years ago.

"We did it for a couple of reasons, one was to spur the economy along a little bit, but also we want to have our consumers, our electic users, our residential users to upgrade their appliances to reduce their consumption," said city commissioner Gil Ziffer.

Doubling the rebate means that some customers could save more than $200 on electric appliances, and more than $1400 on natural gas.

If you qualify for the program, you will get a rebate on your utility bill. The $750,000 rebate fund comes from a federal department of energy grant.

"It's extrememly expensive to build new power plants, or to buy power from somewhere else, so the longer we can live with our existing facilities the better, the way we do that is to lower consumption, the way we lower consumption is to get people to be more efficient," said Ziffer.

The plan would run from February 14th through April 30th or until the $750,000 fund runs out.

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