City-lovers ELLAvate the Lake Ella Experience

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson
January 26, 2013

"I grew up on the lake and I am passionate about the culture and how it influenced me as a child and so, when I retired that passion was so strong I moved back to Tallahassee and became part of this organization that really understands the love for this lake," said Debra Amesqua, a ELLAvate Project Volunteer.

Amesqua is not the only one attached to this landmark. She is one of 30 local volunteers selected as part of the Knight Foundation's community-driven project to enhance the city.

"We already found through our research that this is a really great place," said Cliff Englert, a ELLAvate Project Volunteer. "The things you can do, the person you can be when you are out here and the openness is wonderful and we're out here to find what that is if there is anyway we can enhance that."

The city-lovers conduct on-site interviews and on-line surveys to find improvements needed.

"Lake Ella is such a special place and it is such a wonderful resource and for me that is what drives me," said Kevin Carr, a ELLAvate Project Volunteer. "I want to improve it and see it flourish."

To take the survey, go to:

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