Civil Suit May Be Coming in Death of Lowndes High School Student

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By Eames Yates
May 5, 2013

17-year old Lowndes High School Student Kendrick Johnson's official autopsy report says he died by accident as a result of postitional asphyxia.

Lowndes County School Superintendent Wes Taylor said "we were relieved as we learned when the public did yesterday about the release of the final autopsy report and hope that that will help our community as well as the family most especially to begin to mend and to turn the page in this grieving process."

The Johnson family doesn't believe the autopsy report completed by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. They've been frustrated with the investigation into their son's death ever since he was found in a rolled up athletic mat in the school gym on January eleventh. Since then they've retained an attorney who sent a letter to Lowndes High School.

Warren Turner is the Lowndes County School System's attorney. He said "clearly from the verbage of the letter it was notice to us that we need to preserve, as we would under normal course of action, any evidence that might be pertinent to a potential civil lawsuit and to put us on notice that that may very well be forthcoming."

The Johnson family attorney, Chevene King, said "there will be a claim brought against the school system. That is something I don't think is up for question."

To date there has been no civil suit filed in a court of law.

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