Clean Energy Congress Held At Old Capitol

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By:Emily Johnson
October 7, 2013

Tallahassee,FL-Business leaders and stakeholders gathered for a Clean Energy Congress at the Old Capitol today.

The Clean Energy Congress is on a mission to promote responsible energy choices. "We're bringing people experts in the energy field from around the state here to Tallahassee to think about how we can change the way we produce and consume energy in Florida," says Stephen Smith, Executive Director of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.

The group is looking to keep money here in the sunshine state by creating jobs in the clean energy industry including solar, wind and geothermal. "It circulates in our local economy, instead of having to send it out by buying natural gas or buying oil. So what we're talking about is unlocking the potential of Florida to be a leader in the new energy space," says Smith.

Jeffrey Todd who was sightseeing the Old Capitol building had no idea a Clean Energy Congress was meeting down the hall. He considers himself aware of the impact he has on the environment and would consider installing solar panels at his home if it were more affordable. "Certainly would take it into consideration. I suppose it depended if they were asking to spend money, but yeah I always take a look at whatever the energy savings might be," says Todd.

An expert in the industry, Henry Moseley of Sunbiz Energy Solutions says they're trying to find was to improve the energy policies in Florida. His company consults with businesses and homeowners to help them become more energy efficient. "We do both solar and energy efficiency retrofit work. You really can't justify doing very expensive solar work on a house or commercial building without digging in and doing the efficiency work first," says Moseley.

The Clean Energy Congress is hoping it's recommendations will be adopted by one of the candidates in next year's race for governor.