Clinch Deputy Cleared To Work After Killing Machete Wielding Man

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By Greg Gullberg
May 07, 2013

Homerville, GA - A Clinch Co. Deputy who was put on administrative leave after shooting a man was cleared to go back to work Tuesday.

Deputy Lamar Lankford was put on administrative leave after shooting 59-year-old Vernon Mathis Tuesday. Administrative leave is standard when officers are involved in a shooting. Lankford will return to work Friday.

Sheriff Winston Peterson says Mathis went to a nearby church and threatened to kill “Christians”. He was armed with a machete. Deputies confronted the man when he returned home. The Sheriff says the man began hitting a patrol car with the machete and smashing the windows.

One of the officers tried to tase Mathis, but it didn’t stop him. The Sheriff says Mathis was approaching the officer and Deputy Lankford was forced to shoot him when he got too close.

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