Closer to Selecting New FAMU Band Director?

By: Lanetra Bennett
April 24, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - There's great anticipation to find out who will be FAMU's next band director.

It's been two weeks since the final two candidates started interviewing on campus. But no decision has been made yet.

However, administrators say they are getting close.

"They should take as long as needed." Says FAMU student Chelsea Washington.

FAMU has been without a band director for almost a year.

Administrators were set to announce someone for the position in January, but, negotiations fell through.

The search committee re-initiated a nationwide search and narrowed the pool down to two final candidates: Dr. Sylvester Young, who is retired from Ohio University, and Dekalb, Georgia School District Music Supervisor Don Roberts.

Administrators interviewed them on campus two weeks ago, and said at that time they expected to have mostly everything finalized the following week.

Washington says, "I feel like if they need to take as long as they need to, let them because the band director needs to be the Marching 100. They need to know the history, the historical moment in what the Marching 100 really represents and what it means to FAMU."

FAMU student Patrick Gayle says, "I'm just ready for the band to come back."

Students agree the decision for a new band director should be made carefully, but they say they hope it's done in enough time to have the Marching 100 back in action by football season.

Gayle says, "I'm ready to be crunk at the games, ready to listen to some good music, go to the Classics, vibe at the Classics. It brings more fans out. That's where most of our money comes from. It's just weird without the band."

University administrators say it's still down to the two final candidates. However, they say negotiations are not underway yet.

As far as the big question of if there's any idea of when the band is returning, administrators say, "Not at this time. We are continuing to work to make sure the conditions are right before a decision is made."

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