Coach Arrested Over Sex Allegations With Player [READ PROBABLE CAUSE]

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Tallahassee, FL -- 26-year-old Rodrick Henderson, a coach with Essence Girls Basketball Inc., has been arrested and accused of having a sexual relationship with one of his 17-year-old players.

The allegations come after the teen's mother contacted Tallahassee police to report that her daughter was texting and talking on the phone with Henderson. She says when she confronted her daughter, that she admitted that he had asked her if she was a virgin.

The mother and daughter came to the police station to discuss the situation, where the teen admitted she had engaged in oral sex with Henderson.

Kimberly Davis, the Director of Essence Girls Basketball Inc., told police that there was no way that Henderson could have thought that the girl was 18. She says that he has been the girl's coach for two years, since she was in the tenth grade, and that 18-year-old players must get special permission to participate in the program.

Henderson admitted to two separate sexual acts with the teen, and was arrested on Sexual Assault charges.

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