"Coffee With The Chief" and "Shop With A Cop" with Midway PD [GALLERY]

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News Release: Midway Police Department

The Midway Police Department would like to thank all citizens who came out and participated in the Department's first “Coffee with the Chief” and “Shop with a Cop" programs.

"Coffee with the Chief is a quarterly forum where all citizens have the opportunity to speak with the Chief about their concerns and receive insights on the challenges that law enforcement officers face. The event was very successful and ended with both sides talking about solutions on how to improve community-police relations in a positive way", said Police Chief Jerome Turner.

"As for the “Shop with a Cop" program, 13 children under the age of 16, in addition to a family of seven, were selected to shop with a Midway Police Officer at Wal-Mart in Quincy Florida. With this being the first event of its kind, we are elated to have given 13 children and a family of seven the opportunity to spend time with an officer in an exciting light", said Chief Jerome Turner.

Chief Turner helped sponsor this holiday event along with our wonderful partner Wal-mart in Quincy, Florida, who allowed the event to take place at their store.

For additional information about the upcoming “Coffee with the Chief, please contact Sergeant Floyd at 850.574.3057.

The Midway Police Department would like to wish each of you a safe and wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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