Cold Temps Bring Health Risks

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Tallahassee, FL-December 29, 2012

As the temperature drops, cold night shelters like the one on West Tennessee Street in Tallahassee start filling up with people trying to escape from the cold.

"We average anywhere from 39 to 42. Tonight we have a total of 43 people," says Willie Hightower.

Willie Hightower is a retired U.S. Postal Worker who now works at 'The Shelter'.

"Without The Shelter you can see families that where would they go? What would they do?," says Hightower.

But for those unable to find shelter on these cold nights, they must brave the elements and the potential health risks they bring like hypothermia.

"A day like today temperature wise isn't too bad but a little moisture on your skin with this wind is going to cut right through you,' says Captain Mike Hadden of the Tallahassee Fire Department.

Hypothermia is when your body temperature begins to drop causing your internal organs to shutdown. Health Officials says the colder it gets outside, the more likely cases of Hypothermia become, even if you are bundled up.

"Limit your exposure if at all possible. Even the best dressed person can be subjected to Hypothermia," says Hadden.

Hadden says if you do think you are experiencing Hypothermia seek shelter and call for help.

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