Cold and Warm Weather Can Affect Florida Agriculture

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By: Garin Flowers
February 19, 2013

Leon County, FL - With the cold weather sweeping across north Florida, it's had an affect on the agriculture industry.

According to the Florida Department of Agriculture, there were some "cold pockets" in low-lying areas that may have resulted in minor damage.

Officials are also saying warm weather could be a cause for some of the damage. When it's cold, then turns warm, then back to cold, it can cause growth in crops to back track.

We spoke with an agriculture expert at the Leon County Extension Office.

"The plants are waking up thinking it's spring time and they start flowering and budding...and then we have cold snaps like we had a couple nights ago and these [plants] now get damaged," said Trevor Hylton, who focuses in agricultural and vegetable gardening with the Extension's Office.

Hylton says the best thing for farmers and plant growers to do is to be patient, wait for the cold weather to move on and allow their plants to grow during the warmer temperatures.

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