College Students Find Sugar Daddies to Pay for Tuition

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By: Lanetra Bennett
January 31, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Sugar Daddies have become real popular these days.

Not the the caramel candy on a stick that you may have eaten as a kid.

But, an older gentleman with a wallet and bank account full of dough.

Tallahassee Resident David Riley says, "You gotta do what you gotta do these days. It's a dog eat dog world. But, a sugar daddy?" defines the modern sugar daddy as "a successful and generous man who is willing to pamper and offer financial help or gifts to a young person in return for friendship and companionship."

The company says as tuition hikes continue, more college students are turning to Sugar Daddies to get by.

FSU student Kaylee Blanchard says, "There's many ways that you can do it. You can apply for loans; you can apply for scholarships; get a job. I know that there's not many jobs out there, but, there's definitely ways you can make money besides going on this website."

FSU is number 14 on the top 20 list of the Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools in 2012.

The report says FSU had a 46 percent increase in new members, with 111 sign-ups to the Sugar Daddy website in 2012.

The website says the average co-ed Sugar Baby gets about three-thousand dollars a month in allowances and gifts from her Sugar Daddy, enough to cover tuition and living expenses at most schools.

FSU student Elizabeth Walker says, "I work to make money. Not that kind of work; a regular restaurant job. Besides the fact that it's weird and a little bit sick, it seems like it's definitely not helpful because if they're not learning how to live on their own in college now, they're not going to know how to deal with real life and the real world."

Critics question the legality of what the website calls a "mutually beneficial relationship." They say having a Sugar Daddy is no different from selling yourself.

One "Sugar Baby" from Florida International University says in return for her tuition payments, cars, trips, and jewelry, she gives, "Sex."

FSU Student Katrina Restrepo says, "It's like prostitution in a way, just to pay for their school. I understand education is important. But, you can always get out a loan and be respectful to your own body. I just feel like it's not worth it."

Riley says, "That's probably crossing the line. Sugar Daddy really isn't the way to go. It's not safe and you should have more respect for yourself than that."

On the website, you can also search for a Sugar Mommy and a Sugar Baby.

Jeanette DeDiemar, the assistant vice president for University Relations at FSU, released this statement: "There are numerous financial aid, student loan, university employment opportunities, and work study programs available from local, state and federal sources that preclude the necessity for students to engage in this option to support their educations."

The creator of the website has said that the sugar daddies website is legal.


As the cost of living rises and tuition hikes continue, college students are forced to look for alternative methods to raise an enormous amount of funds in order to pursue their education. Some choose to take out student loans, or receive help from their parents, and other students are turning to Sugar Daddies. is releasing its annual list of the "Top 20 Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Colleges of 2012" this week. Last year, college student memberships increased by 58% on the mutually beneficial relationship website, with more students from the South joining than any other region. The average co-ed Sugar Baby receives approximately $3000 a month in allowances and gifts from her Sugar Daddy, enough to cover tuition and living expenses at most schools.

The following is the list of the Top 20 Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools, by new sign ups in 2012:

1. Georgia State University 292
2. New York University 285
3. Temple University 268
4. University of Central Florida 221
5. University of Southern Florida 212
6. Arizona State University 204
7. Florida International University 187
8. University of Georgia 148
9. Indiana University 131
10. Texas State 128
11. Kent State University 123
12. Penn State 121
13. University of North Texas 112
14. Florida State University 111
15.Tulane University 109
16. Michigan State University 108
17. University of Ohio 103
18. Columbia University 100
19. University of Alabama 96
20. University of California Los Angeles 91

“It’s tough. The South went from being the epitome of success and money to faring the worst in terms of well-being,” says Founder and CEO, Brandon Wade. “Even if NYU is still our biggest Sugar Baby university, the growth of southern female coeds seeking the Sugar Lifestyle is a move in the right direction to bring back Southern charm.”

Florida is the state that makes the most appearances on this list, with four schools in the top twenty and two other schools showing significant increases in membership this past year.

Florida Sugar Schools by new sign-ups and increase in memberships in 2012:

University of Central Florida 221 sign-ups 330% increase in sign ups
University of Southern Florida 212 sign-ups 228% incease in sign ups
Florida International University 187 sign-ups 95% increase in sign ups
Florida State University 111 sign-ups 46% increase in sign ups
University of Florida 64 sign-ups 53% increase in sign ups
University of Miami 52 sign-ups 98% increase in sign ups

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