Colquitt County Set To Offer Accountability Court To Non-Violent Offenders

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Colquitt County, GA- Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has approved funding for a drug probate court in our area.

Come January 2013, non-violent drug offenders and those people with mental health issues in Colquitt County will have access to an Accountability Court.

A team of legal experts, attorneys, and treatment providers will work with the defendants.

During the program, defendants can undergo therapy, rehabilitation, probation, or a combination of methods depending on their case.

Program coordinator, Jennifer Fabbri, says the program is a second chance for offenders.

"It's almost like a last resort, an opportunity to give someone who's struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues a chance to kind of turn things around and not just toss them in jail, throw them away and forget all about them."

Georgia Pines, located in Thomasville, will work with the legal team to provide the mental health and drug treatment.

Fabbri says they will hold a graduation ceremony for those defendants who successfully complete the program.