Committee To Talk Sales Tax

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By: James Buechele

How will your tax dollars be spent?

That's the question that the Leon County sales tax committee will be asking at a public meeting on Thursday.

The committee is made up of about 18 residents appointed by both county and city commissioners and made up from local organizations like the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce.

They're in charge of gathering public opinion and making recommendations on issues related to the extension of the one cent infrastructure sales tax that can cover a number of plans including roads and repairs among other projects.

"Everything from water quality issues and the impact on the growth or the inability to grow in a healthy and sustainable way," said Steven Evans, chairman of the committee

On Thursday, the committee will hold a public meeting at the library at four for further discussion of what to do with that money.

"What are the critical projects that are absolutely necessary to address the growth issues in this community."

This is good news for residents that like to see transparency in local government.

"I think it's very important for everyone in this community to be involved and I think it's great that our local government is trying to communicate with everyone," said Betsy McConnell.

For more information on the Sales Tax Commission use the link below

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