Community Celebrates Annual "Midway Day"

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By: Natalie Rubino
August 30,2014

MIDWAY, FL -- Community members in the city of Midway came together Saturday to celebrate the holiday weekend.

Today was the annual Midway Day celebration. Families and members of the community gathered at the Eugene Lamb Recreation Center for free food, kids’ games, and parade earlier in the morning. The mayor and city manager both attended. The event is held on Labor Day weekend every year. This year’s theme is “Unity in the Community.”

Stephenie Gains, the event coordinator, said "The theme came about cause we want to unite our people back together. And we do this every year. We've been doing it for years ever since I was a little girl."

Candidate for Florida House District 8, Brad Johnson, spoke at the Midway Day celebration. The event was sponsored by different organizations in the community.

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