Conservative Christians Urge Scott Action On Climate Change

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Some Evangelical Christians want Florida Governor Rick Scott to take a lead role in protecting the environment.

Reverend Mich Hescox delivered a message Wednesday morning from 60,000 Christian pro-life Floridians urging the governor to develop a strong plan to meet federal carbon emission guidelines.

Hescox is the president of the Pennsylvania based Evangelical Environmental Network.

"Why we're here today is to say that climate change is not a political issue," Hescox said. "We've made it such. But it's a moral issue something all America has to come together and act on," he said.

Hescox also gave Governor Scott's representative a bible signed by some Hispanic preachers from Florida urging action.

After Hescox left the governor's office, he went to the nearby chapel at the Capitol and prayed for the governor to take action to protect the state's environment.

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