Constituents To Congressman: No To Syria

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The phone has been consistently ringing at Congressman Steve Southerland's Tallahassee office.

That office along with his Panama City and Washington D.C. offices have received more than 400 calls, e-mails and social media posts on possible military action against Syria.

"About 95 percent or more are saying to oppose any attacks on Syria just the cost of it, they don't see any benefit to it," said Brooke Jessee, a case worker from Southerland's Tallahassee office.

Here's a voicemail example.

"Hi I'm a constituent in Tallahassee. I wanted the congressman to know we can not go into Syria. This whole situation breaks my heart, but we've already been into two wars and we can't afford to go into another one."

"We take down their information, we just thank them for calling with their concerns and you know we pass that along to the congressman," said Jessee.

And it appears Southerland is listening.

In a statement, the congressman says he has a solemn obligation to be "attentive to the concerns of the people I represent."

He also adds, "I take great comfort in knowing they overwhelmingly agree with my opposition to a conflict in Syria."

President Obama has asked congress to authorize the military mission after a chemical weapons attack on natives.

Southerland says he'll get a classified briefing and study evidence next week before voting.

But he doubts that information will change his mind.

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