Construction on Orange Ave. Bridge

June 2, 2014 Alicia Turner
June 2, 2014 6:27
A bridge that is nearly sixty five years old is getting a face lift in Tallahassee. That will force Orange Ave. between Holton St, and Springhill Rd. The first day of the road closure was Monday.
Tallahassee resident Mia Cook said it was an inconvenience and she didn’t even know about it
"I wasn't aware, and it makes you late back from lunch and work especially if you don’t know where you're at or where you’re going.”

While some residents in the area say it's a big inconvenience others say any work that is done on the south side of Tallahassee is much needed, even if it will force people to take different routes.

Patricia Davis lives nearby and she said she welcomes the change. "I hope that they get it fixed and get it done quickly because safety comes first. I think that the traffic will be a little heavy because I stay right down the road, so I can see all this traffic when I get ready to go and come home from work."
The Florida Department of Transportation is hopeful that this sign is only up until August 10th, so that buses for both the city and the school can return to their regular route before school starts."

The bridge was built in 1949. Construction crews plan to lower the bridge by seven feet, so that visibility is greatly increased for those traveling over it. The bridge goes over the St. Marks Trail, which will also be closed during the construction.

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