Votes Are in for the Controversial Midway City Council Election

According to Dist. 5 Jerrod W. Holton (D):

The votes are in for the controversial Midway City Council race today.

In the District 2 City Council race between Midway Mayor and city council member Ella Barber and Eria Monroe Ceasar, Caesar has come out victorious over Barber with a 259-198 vote.

Samuel Stevens and incumbent Charles Willis went head to head.

It was a tightly contested race, but Willis received 233 of the votes compared to 221 for Stevens.

However, Willis has not been named the winner because of a pending court case.

Stevens' campaign claims Willis has not lived in the district he represents since 2009.

By: Lanetra Bennett
April 30, 2013

Midway, FL - People in Midway cast their votes today in the controversial City Council election.

Registered voters in Midway will choose between Samuel Stevens and incumbent Charles Willis for the district four city council seat district 4.

A judge had ordered Willis' name off the ballot because he doesn't live in the district.

But, Willis was able to stay on because the city's appeals process has not yet been settled.

Residents like Jerry Range say they're ready to move forward.

Range says, "We're always looking for something positive in Midway. There has been some negative. But, there's a lot of positive here in Midway. It's steady growing and it has more opportunity for more growth."

Also on the ballot is the district two race between Mayor Ella Barber and Eria Monroe Ceasar.

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