Convicted Killer Gary Hilton Files Appeal

May 20, 2011 by Julie Montanaro

Gary Michael Hilton has just filed an appeal of his conviction and death sentence.

Leon County court records show Hilton filed his intent to appeal this week with the Florida Supreme Court. The high court's web site lists his address as "death row."

Hilton was convicted in February 2011 of the 2007 kidnapping and murder of Crawfordville Sunday School teacher and FSU nurse Cheryl Dunlap. Dunlap was abducted from Leon Sinks and her decapitated body was found two weeks later in the Apalachicola National Forest.

A spokesperson with the public defender's office says it could take a while to compile all the transpcripts and records for the Supreme Court. She estimates there could be more than 10-thousand pages worth of documents.

To follow this appeal yourself, you can log on to the Florida Supreme Court web site and do a docket search. Choose "search by party or attorney," type in the name Gary Hilton and you can see a timeline of all filings, hearings and developments in the case.

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