Cops Say Fla. Man Set Kids' Bedroom on Fire

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By: The Associated Press
February 17, 2013

Plant City, FL- A southwest Florida man has been arrested after authorities say he poured light fluid around his home and started a fire in the bedroom of two young children.

Sheriff's deputies said 44-year-old Randy Lisenby was fighting with a woman he was living with on Saturday and threatened to set their Plant City home on fire. He allegedly poured the flammable liquid around the doorway and some of it splashed on two young children.

According to a report, the woman and children left the home.

The Tampa Bay Times reports Lisenby started a fire in the children's bedroom, burning a rug and blankets, then tried to light a fire at the back door before deputies talked him outside.

He is charged with arson, aggravated assault and child abuse.

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