Report: Electronic Attendance Systems Could Save Florida $28.9 Million a Year

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By: Mike Springer
April 25, 2013

Tallahassee, FL- Government watchdog group, Florida TaxWatch, says by switching over to an electronic time and attendance system for all state workers, Florida could save $28.9 million dollars a year.

"There's money that we are spending unnecessarily that the taxpayers don't need to spend on unnecessary compensation, unnecessary overtime or in some cases for time that's not actually spent on the job," said Dominic M. Calabro with Florida TaxWatch.

The plan would do away with state workers plugging in their hours manually. Instead, the departments track electronically of when employees swipe in and out.

"We know when people are on the job working and being properly paid for and also to reduce unnecessary overtime," said Calabro .

But the union representing state workers isn't buying the numbers Florida TaxWatch is putting out.

"I would be very, very skeptical that there is a huge amount of work not being done," said Doug Martin with AFSCME.

Martin says the problem isn't state workers aren't working enough hours, they're working too many.

"They've (The State) has gotten in trouble with the Department of Labor before because of child protective investigators and others working more than the 40 hours."

Martin says he would like to see TaxWatch's full proposal before he makes his decision.

Florida TaxWatch based its plan on the current system the Florida Department of Children and Families uses.

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