Counties Worry About RESTORE Act Funds

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By: Mike Springer
April 26, 2013

Wakulla County, FL-An amendment attached to Senate Bil 1024 is causing concern in some of Florida's coastal communities.

"We need clear-cut language that the RESTORE Act funds that are suppose to go directly to the County are excluded from Senate Bill 1024," said Wakulla County Commissioner, Ralph Thomas.

The federal RESTORE Act distributes money collected from fines imposed on B.P. for the 2010 oil spill. The money is then redistributed to the states affected by the spill. The amendment would create a nonprofit cooperation Triumph Gulf Coast Inc to handle the funds.

The counties worry if the amendment passes, they would have to go through the state in order to get the money rather than the money being given directly to them as originally promised.

Senator Bill Montford represents several of those counties expecting to receive RESTORE Act funds.

"We made it very clear in the meeting that the RESTORE money would not be impacted, would not be touched. The RESTORE money, rightfully so, goes directly to the eight most negatively impacted counties," said Montford.

Montford says an amendment was filed Friday to further clarify the original amendment.

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