County Amends Land Development Code

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By: Chris Gros
September 2, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - Keep it Rural says its one step closer to its goal.

Amendments to the county's land development code will restrict minor commercial development on rural roads and also puts restrictions on future gas stations in other areas.

"It’s a good first step in looking at the rural future land use area and the rural zoning in terms of thinking through what makes sense for any type of commercial development," said Keep It Rural President Jeff Blair.

The county estimates that now 196 intersections on rural roads would no longer be available for commercial development. A remaining 27 intersections could still propose commercial developments but those would have to be approved first.

"Of the remaining 27 in theory because you've reclassified them they would come back in front of us in the event of somebody were to come forward and try and develop," said Commissioner Bryan Desloge

Proposed gas stations will be limited to three fuel pump islands and a convenience store no bigger than 3000 square feet.

"We’re going to continue to ask the commissioners to amend the land development code further to eliminate gas stations except in the five designated communities in the rural area," said Blair.

Keep It Rural is still hoping that a gas station proposed for Crump Road and Miccosukee Road will no longer be built. County commissioners, Keep It Rural and the land owner are currently mediating the issue.

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