County Commissioners Vote to Raise Gas, Stormwater and Solid Waste Fees

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The Leon county commission met the first time Tuesday for their 2014 budget and voted 5 to 1 to approve a raise in three separate taxes: storm water, solid waste and gas.

The storm water fee, which covers water quality and flooding improvements, will go up significantly to $85 a year.

"It was $20 and it'll be going to $85, because we haven't addressed the fee in 23 years," said Vince Long, the Leon county administrator.

The new solid waste fee actually creates a 32 percent reduction that households pay a year and those that didn't have the plan before will now have to pay for it.

These two fees only affect unincorporated areas of Leon county, not Tallahassee.

As for the tax on gas, people in the county and city can expect to pay it. The local government can impose up to 12 cents on the price of gas and that's what it's going to be.

"A nickle, it's going to matter the way gas prices fluctuate," said Kim Heyde, a Tallahassee resident.

The city price was a seven cent tax on gas by the gallon, now it will go to 12 cents and can't go any higher.

"The five pennies would be just short of about $50 a year, but will allow us again to balance our transportation fund," Long said.

There's a long process before any of these fees will go up. Right now commissioners are in budget development.

In July, they will hold public hearings on the budget, make revisions, then go before the public again with a final budget in September before voting it in for fiscal year 2014.

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