Couple Claims Local Restaurant Employee Threatened Them at Knife Point

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Tallahassee, FL - It was supposed to be a nice evening at a local restaurant. But one local couple says it turned into a dangerous and humiliating ordeal.

Shamika and Jerome Scott have been regular customers at Tallahassee's Barnacle Bill's Restaurant. On Friday night, the couple made the trip from their Gretna home to North Monroe Street for a meal of oysters and Caesar Salad.

When they paid the bill, they didn't leave a tip which Shamika says isn't unusual.

But she says the oyster shucker then confronted them in the parking lot telling them people like you who don't tip don't need to come back.

Said Shamika Scott: "It seemed racist to me and I've been going there almost ten years and never been treated like that ever."

Shamika says it wasn't just what the employee said, she said he confronted them pointing a shucking knife like this one in her husband's face.

Reporter: "Did you feel like your husband's safety was threatened?

Scott: Yes I did."

Said Barnacle Bill's owner, Jeff Stillwell: "We've reached out to the family and taken care of things internally. This is just a situation that shouldn't have happened."

Reporter: "No comment on the knife?

Stillwell: No comment on the knife."

Jeff Stillwell has owned and operated Barnacle Bill's for 33 years.
He declined to say what action he's taken against the employee, but Shamika says Stillwell told her he was fired.

"These are hard times, stressful during the holidays, people get over sensitive, over emotional."

Shamika says she regrets not filing a police report. Instead she and her husband went directly to the restaurant manager who she said did nothing.

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