Couple Hits Tallahassee In State Capital Touring

By: Julie Montanaro
November 14, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Thousands of tourists visit florida's capital each year, including some on a mission. They tout 'volksmarching' as a great way to see the world.

WCTV met a couple on a quest to do a walking tour of every state capital in America. Susan and Darren Medlin are part of something called a 'Volksmarching Club'. They keep track of the distance they walk in a passport-like book, but say you cannot begin to measure the memories they're making along the way.

Susan Medlin: "And there's books for hitting America's diners, hitting America's baseball teams, Civil War name it we got it."

Tallahassee is the couple's eighth state capital. They say each of the tours is designed by locals who can not only list tourist attractions, but can also highlight some unique stops off the beaten path.

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