Couple's Ordeal With Repair Shop Ends

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August 14, 2014

A Gadsen County couple's roughly two month ordeal with a Tallahassee auto repair shop is finally over.

All Around Auto Care owner Gary Young closed the doors to his shop when WCTV Eyewitness News arrived and his wife asked us to leave.

In July we reported Yvonne Branom and her husband Harold dropped off their F-150 pick up truck in late June to get a replacement engine.

Wednesday, Harold finally picked up the truck.

It came after Young was arrested on a pre-trial release violation for a domestic violence charge.

"Oh my God, that was like are you kidding me," Yvonnee said. "We were surprised, we were shocked and these people didn't contact the customers to let them know this is what's going on. Didn't give an apology or anything," she said.

Mike Beavers of a neighboring auto shop says Young has also refused to release invoice documents to either him or his customers.

He says without those documents, one customer will be out roughly $2000 because the warranty can't be used.

Yvonne and Harold Branom filed a complaint with Leon County Sheriff's Deputy Lee Shoemaker Monday afternoon.

The couple asked for law enforcement help when they were unable to contact anyone with All Around Auto Care on South Monroe Street about their 2004 F-150 pick up truck.

"And all we ask is for them to come forward either to explain to us the issue and so we can retrieve our vehicle," said Yvonne.

The Branoms say they brought their pick up truck to the repair shop in late June to get its motor replaced.

They say they gave a $360 deposit for that work.

Yvonne: "That's probably gone."

Reporter: "So you've lost that money and you don't have your vehicle and you don't know what kind of repair its in either right?

Yvonne: "At this point, I don't."

We made multiple attempts both in person and by phone to contact anyone with All Around Auto Care, including the business owner, without success.

Late Wednesday afternoon an LCSO deputy arrested that business owner, 39 year old Gary Young on an unrelated pre-trial release violation in a domestic violence case.

A judge has ordered Young held without bond.

Meanwhile, Deputy Shoemaker advised the Branoms to get a civil court order called a writ of replevin.

Once that order is obtained LCSO can help the Branoms get their truck and get past a major inconvenience.

"We're only down to one vehicle and we have to go to work," Yvonne said.

Yvonne also says she's in the process of getting the civil court order to get her truck back.

Young is not facing a criminal charge for keeping the Branoms truck.

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