Florida Court Deems Loud Music Law Unconstitutional

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Turn down that music! Well, actually you don't have too.

The Supreme Court of Florida struck down a state law Wednesday that banned people from playing music too loud.

This story all began with Florida lawyer, Richard Catalano, back in 2007. He was listening to a Justin Timberlake song when he was pulled over. The officer gave him a $73 ticket.

"All of a sudden lights came on behind me and the officer pulled me over and I had no idea, I honestly had no idea why he was pulling me over," Catalano said.

He challenged the law and argued the case all the way up to the Supreme Court nine months ago. The Court sided with Catalano.

"I was pretty confident all along that we would win once we got it to the Appellate levels," he said.

The rule was drivers could not blast their music at a volume that was "plainly audible" to someone 25 feet away.

Well, now there's no more limits.

The Court unanimously ruled that the law infringed on Floridians freedom of expression.

As for the song Catalano got pulled over listening to...

"It was the title cut to FutureSex/LoveSounds, that CD," he said.

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