Arrest Made In Credit Union Robbery

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According to Jasper Police Chief, Jeff McGuire

22-year-old Joshua Armstead, of Statenville, GA , has been arrested for the armed robbery that happened at 3:25 last night at Suwannee River Credit Union in Jasper Florida. They arrested him around 5:30 as he was walking on County Road 751.

As of now, Armstead is still in custody at Hamilton County Jail. Police say he came in with a gun, took a clerk to the ground, hit her in the head and drug her to a back room.

Armstead is charged with armed robbery, kidnapping, grand theft and battery. They have not located the stolen money or the gun used.

Chief McGuire says more people could be involved and more arrests could come.

By: Garin Flowers

An attempted credit union robbery has authorities questioning one suspect, and looking for more.

It was a scary moment for employees at the Suwannee River Credit Union in Jasper Florida.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office tells us multiple suspects charged the credit union and robbed it. An employee at a restaurant a few doors down says the incident happened around 4 or 4:30 p.m.

According to the sheriff's office, a clerk at the credit union was battered by one of the suspects and sustained injuries, but we don't know the extent of those injuries. We're told no gunshots were fired.

One suspect is in custody and being questioned; we're told there's at least one more suspect on the loose. We don't have a description at this time. As we continue to find out more information we will certainly bring that to you.

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